Espresso Lab Microroasters: Elevating Your Coffee

Espresso Lab Microroasters: Elevating Your Coffee

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Chef: Renato Correia , Helene Vaerlien In this episode of their Masterclass, Renato and Helene discuss how you can replicate cafe quality coffee at home- prepare to save your pennies as they share their industry knowledge. About Espresso Lab: Renato Correia and Helene Vaerlien started their coffee company with the solid determination to bring a high quality, varied taste experience to the Cape Town coffee scene back in 2009, even before the explosion of specialty coffee roasters took place. Having been inspired by Nordic principles of roasting, highlighting a lighter more defined fruit-like tasting coffee, they set about sourcing and creating relationships with farmers and exporters advocating change in coffee, brought upon by higher prices per kilo for the farmer and a diversified taste experience for the coffee consumer. Fast forward ten years and they continue to work with many of the same farmers and exporters they started with, continuing to be the ambassadors of their hard work. As advocates for specialty coffee, the farmers are always placed front and centre, with a fully traceable coffee menu, serving only single estate, single variety coffees. In a murky sea of mediocrity they have always tried to set themselves apart by not compromising on the ideals they set from day one. Their dedication to quality, integrity and conviction in not being swayed by trends and outside consumer influences, such as a depreciating economy has always been important, and their focus has always been on supporting the farmers and serving top quality coffee to the many customers that have supported them over the past 10 years.

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