Giulia's Introduction to Food Photography: Creating Light

Giulia's Introduction to Food Photography: Creating Light

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In this online tutorial, food photographer Giulia will cover the most important basics that you need to know to take professional photographs of food. In this episode of Giulia's Introduction to Food Photography, you will learn how to create your own light, using light panels and diffusers. This episode will help you to deal with unreliable weather and ensure your subject is always portrayed in a suitable manner. About Giulia Verdinelli: Passion, dedication and a real appreciation for good cuisine is what inspires Giulia to create images that emphasise the true beauty of food. 
Growing up Italian, Giulia has always had a love for food and has many happy memories of days spent in the kitchen with her Mamma and Nonna. 
At the same time, her passion for photography developed in the dark room with her dad, who taught Giulia to see the world differently, and how to express herself creatively. After moving to London to follow her dream of being a photographer, Giulia started assisting seasoned professionals whilst developing her own skills and portfolio. She now works with a variety of clients from editorial to advertising, and everything in between. Giulia's goal is to keep growing and developing her skills whilst telling culinary stories and sharing her passion for food through photography- something you will definitely see in this Masterclass!

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