Riverine Rabbit: Sustainable Fish

Riverine Rabbit: Sustainable Fish

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This family run business, Riverine Rabbit in Cape Town, South Africa, focuses on all things local, sustainable and ethical. In this original series, Head Chef Ash Heeger shows you how to make some of the restaurants top dishes from start to finish. Learn how Riverine Rabbit puts together one of their line fish dishes in this episode of their masterclass with Chef Ash Heeger. What separates this fish dish from the rest is that Riverine Rabbit supports an NGO app- who are the middlemen between the fishermen and the restaurants. As a result of using smaller, local fishing boats, Riverine Rabbit's fish are not just incredibly fresh and diverse, but are most importantly ethically sourced. About Chef Ash Heeger: Chef Ash Heeger was born in South Africa, raised in Cape Town and was inspired by the world at large. After completing her studies at the award-winning Silwood School of Cookery, Ash moved onto exciting places with exceptional people. She trained under the acclaimed Chef Luke Dale Roberts at La Colombe and then at The Test Kitchen. Hungry for international influence, she spent time abroad in Michelin 2 star kitchens. At what would seem to be the peak of her career in the metropolitan capital, London, Ash felt the urge to return to her roots in South Africa. Inspired, Ash brought elite experience, passion and something unique to the Cape Town- her very own ASH Restaurant, Riverine Rabbit with sister Mandy van der Berg in 2018.

Sustainable Fish


  • 150ml sake

  • 150ml mirin

  • 600ml water

  • 4 pieces dried kombu
  • 50g bonito flakes
  • 2 cloves garlic, sliced
  • 75ml dark soy sauce
  • 25ml rice wine
  • Vinegar

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