The Story of PickyWops: Costs and Learning in Building the Brand

The Story of PickyWops: Costs and Learning in Building the Brand

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Join in on The Story of PickyWops to discover some of the ins and outs of starting a new business, as well as how this modern concept became London's new go-to vegan pizza spot. In this episode we learn what some of the biggest costs can be when you're getting a business off the ground, as well as what some of the most important learning experiences are when you're building a brand. About PickyWops: PickyWops is a modern Italian concept. What makes PickyWops different is not only the variety of doughs served, which are all unique in colors, flavors and textures, but that the PickyWops concept is also about welcoming all communities, regardless of their background, opinions or colors. PickyWops aims to bring everyone together and immerse itself in the community, just like the wops, their Italian ancestors that emigrated to London in search of a dream.

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